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Looking after workplace wellbeing should be high on any business owners list. Many companies have added it to the top of their agendas, even more so since the Covid-19 pandemic started.

So, if your company isn’t already, it’s about time to start implementing a solid workplace wellbeing programme for the good of your staff and your business.

A well-being focus within your organisation can enable individuals and teams to thrive, so within this blog, we’ll explore some of the ways to implement a workplace wellbeing programme that creates a positive impact.

Provide a good work environment

Ensuring you have a comfortable, light, and welcoming workplace for your team can help employee wellbeing. A study by Staples showed that 80% of office workers, said that having good lighting in their workspace is important and 40% felt they were having to deal with uncomfortable lighting every day.

If possible, your office space should also include clear areas for work and breaks, so those who’re working inhouse can take time away from their workstation.

Support hybrid and flexible work

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that businesses can adapt! Going forward, continuing to offer staff flexibility and the choice between home and office working, will better support wellbeing.

It’s important to remember that everyone works in different ways, so the choice of work location and/or flexibility with hours can be greatly appreciated. A change of scenery can be refreshing for employees and can help increase productivity.

Encourage a strong work life balance

Everyone needs to take time away from work, so providing a suitable holiday allowance, alongside encouraging your team to take time off can be really beneficial.

Giving further incentives, such as having your birthday off or being able to purchase more holidays can also boost employee wellbeing. Whilst also helping you recruit the best talent by stand out against your competitors.

Create a strong culture

It’s not just about how your workplace looks, it’s about the culture too!  Encouraging open conversation about  health & wellbeing, both physical and mental is important. Along with having the right tools to support health on an ongoing basis such as access to an occupational health team.

Having the support of an occupational health team means your team has access to expert advice and support – if and when needed.

Want to know more about occupational health?

We can offer you and your team a whole range of support, we offer various occupational health services. Please get in touch to find out more.

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